A couple of weeks later. I’m in the shower. My feet are in the water that perhaps should have drained faster, but it’s the least of my worries. My thoughts are drifting off. In fact, I’m perfectly comfortable in the isolation of the bathroom, with the warm water around my ankles. I drift through thoughts of work, that usually dominate my mind. They merge with thoughts of the world trip. I come to consider concepts that I could develop relating to the trip. Logically, a weblog comes to mind. It will need a name. An unique name. With the thought of uniqueness and my feet still in the water, the tree pops up again. A name is born.

I develop a blog, with all the bells and whistles I see fit. It features room for pretty photos and a central map on which I can pin posts throughout my travels. It’s quite like what you see here. All it needs is some content. I feel the necessity to explain the name I have picked for this concept, so I decide to write a post about it. Of course it starts with the picture of the tree in the lake. Next I need to pin it somewhere on the map. I wonder, where in the world is this tree? Little did I know at this point that it would be “en route”.

The picture is titled by arabix as “Tree in Lake Wanaka” so I feel safe to assume it’s taken at Lake Wanaka. I enter this name into the map search bar I developed for this site and find myself quite surprised to find it in New Zealand, where we plan to travel to as part of our world trip. If I didn’t yet, I now know one place I want to visit in New Zealand!

You are welcomed to follow me on my way to the tree in the lake. I’ll be posting blogs, pictures and videos on this website along the way.


P.S.: If you happen to know if this tree is still standing and the exact location of this tree, please let me know in the comments! Thanks in advance!