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Shorts: South Vietnam Read more

Short clips filmed on my way through the Mekong Delta and on Phu Quoc. Inspired by fellow traveller Will, who has the habit to randomly pop out in a horse head mask.

Tree in the Sea Read more

What I miss most, it turns out, is not people, nor home as the place where I live, not even work. The strongest longing was for a beach and a swim. Sitting on the Rach Gia docks, the night before our boat leaves for Phu Quoc island, Vietnam, I get a distinct ‘I’m almost there’-feeling.

Hoi An flood Read more

Just after waking up in the Thanh Van hotel Saturday morning, in Hoi An, I noticed the WiFi had stopped working. Moving downstairs to the hotel lobby, we found all computer equipment stashed on the second floor stairs. Peeking out through the shutters it was clear Hoi An had been flooded overnight