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Frames from…Muslim Quarter Xi’an Read more

It is simply what passies the lens, that makes travel so exiting. New sights wait around every corner and amazement comes as often as the road turns. I’ll try to picture this diversity in these videos. These frames show that Xi’an’s streets still breath the Silk Road trade.

Review: Mix Hostel Chengdu, China Read more

Located in just another street off the main north-south avenue in the northern part of Chengdu, Mix Hostel, tucked in behind some bamboo bushes, is an unexpected oasis for those weary of the busy Chinese city streets.

The “Great” Wall Read more

It is an admirable idea to attempt to border off a country as big as China with a great wall. It seems reasonable that a great empire throws up some line of defence to protect it against foreign threats. For China this was The Great Wall.