I have no regrets about getting into computers like I did. Over the years I learned so much as to enable me to easily get into a career. Also, playing video games is very enjoyable. Still, computers have been a strange specialization, slowly but steadily nudging me away from the outdoorsy youth I had, into the office chair. It is why my life sometimes feels like doing the split.

I quite easily got through pre-university secondary education. At a point I mostly played World of Warcraft instead of doing homework. And it may seem against all odds that right then I got a girlfriend whom I’m still with as of writing this.

After pre-university secondary education I went to the Rotterdam University of Applied Science for a bachelor of science in Communication and Multimedia Design. In the second year of this education I moved to a student home in Rotterdam. I successfully worked my way through a couple of internships and in parallel the amount of freelance web development I did grew steadily. However, when I finished this education I didn’t feel like working full-time quite yet.

Luckily I could pretty easily join the 1 year bridging program for a Master in Sociology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In the meantime I moved in with my girlfriend in a house she’s bought in The Hague. Though I’m not done with the Master at the time of this writing (almost, and it has been almost 2 years), it’s safe to say I really benefited a lot from this education. It enriched me with academic knowledge and skills. Over these years, the amount of freelancing I did still kept growing to a point where I officially registered my students job as a small company in the Dutch trade registry. However, the freelancing never grew out enough to be able to sustain me properly.

With the coming of 2013, while finishing up my thesis, I got a full-time job as front-end web developer in Scheveningen.

Now, with the decision to start traveling, I resigned from my job, finished my thesis and cut down on the freelancing I do.